Important Parts of a Good Prompt

A good prompt is the foundation of generating a meaningful and effective image. Here are some essential elements of a good prompt:

  1. Specificity: Being specific helps in creating a clear mental picture of the desired outcome.

    Good Example: "A tall oak tree with autumn leaves beside a calm lake during sunset." Bad Example: "A tree near water."

  2. Clarity: Use clear and concise language to describe what you want.

    Good Example: "A spaceship flying towards a blue planet in a star-filled galaxy." Bad Example: "A spacecraft somewhere in space."

  3. Visual Descriptions: Describe the visual elements, such as colors, size, and position, of each component of the image.

    Good Example: "A red car parked on the right side of a deserted road surrounded by green fields." Bad Example: "A vehicle on a road."

  4. Dimensionality: Specify whether you want the image to be 2D or 3D.

    Good Example: "A 3D model of a modern kitchen with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances." Bad Example: "A kitchen."

Avoid Using Feeling or Unrealistic Objects or Descriptions

Avoid using feelings or emotions as they cannot be visually represented in a straightforward manner. Also, avoid using unrealistic objects or descriptions that cannot be depicted accurately.

Good Example: "A castle on a hill surrounded by a dense forest." Bad Example: "A castle that feels lonely surrounded by a mysterious forest."

Avoid Too Long or Complicated Prompts

Long and complicated prompts can create confusion and lead to an incorrect interpretation of your request.

Good Example: "A snowy mountain range under a clear blue sky." Bad Example: "A mountain range covered in snow with clouds that look like they are about to snow but haven’t started yet, and the sky is mostly blue but with some streaks of white."

Add Keywords to Guide Styles

Use keywords that can guide the style of the image, such as 'realistic', 'cartoonish', 'minimalistic', etc.

Good Example: "A cartoonish character of a smiling cat with big eyes." Bad Example: "A cat that looks happy."

Remember to always keep your prompts clear, concise, and to the point, while being as descriptive as necessary to convey your vision.


Creating the perfect image generation prompt is essential for getting the desired visual output. By being specific, clear, and concise in your descriptions, and avoiding feelings, unrealistic objects, and overly complicated prompts, you can ensure that the generated image matches your expectations. Remember to add keywords to guide the style and always keep your prompts to the point while being as descriptive as necessary. Following these guidelines will help you create effective prompts that lead to satisfying results.

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